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I Love my Body is due to arrive at our centre on November 26th - 2018. Package and postage will be early December. You will be notified for pick up - Townsville.
We can't wait for you to experience this magical book, and all it encourages with loving the body that you're in.

To every child born.
May self-love be the shining
light that guides your way,
with a grateful heart and a
mindful presence.

Taking you on a self-love and appreciation journey from the moment you wake in the morning until the time you go to bed at night. You and the children in your life will discover how magical the four seasons are and how precious a gift it is to love the body that you're in.

A message from Kerry

Self-love is one of the most precious life-skills we can have.

We are not born knowing our body parts. As we learn the names of our body parts, we discover their uniqueness, functions and the gifts our body provides us to engage and experience life. It is through learning our body parts that self-awareness is formed, and the life-long journey of knowing and loving ourselves begins.

‘I love my body’ with its simple, yet powerful message takes you on a delightful journey of self-love and appreciation. So shine your heart bright, and be who you were born to be; the unique, remarkable, confident, and adorable YOU!

Love yourself

Accept yourself

Be yourself

Love the body that you’re in!

Quality hard cover board book
20cmW x 23cmH
26 full colour pages

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"I Love my Body is a brilliant picture book that provides parents, carers and early childhood educators with a tool to discuss the important concept of self-love. In a digital age, where children are becoming aware of 'ideal' body images at increasingly younger ages, it's paramount that parents and educators start having conversations with young children about body awareness and appreciation. I Love my Body is the perfect concrete resource that can act as a catalyst for conversation with young children."

- Dr Kristy Goodwin | Digital health and wellbeing researcher, author & speaker

"Wow! What a beautiful book with such an important message shared so simply and sweetly. This delightful picture book can be shared at so many levels with the youngest children, from creating a foundation of self-love and appreciation of their bodies with babies and toddlers, to initiating positive, teachable moments with preschoolers and beyond."

Pinky McKay, baby care author, IBCLC lactation consultant and mum of five.

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