Kids in Harmony Family Wellbeing Pack

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FAMILY WELLBEING PACK - Harmony Style, and it's FREE POSTAGE anywhere in Australia.

A beautiful way empower character strengths, mindset, values and family connection.

Hours of fun and creativity. Mindfulness practices. Music that uplifts and inspires.

Creating a Kinder world one family at a time.

3 x The Little Book of Harmony Colouring Book ($18.00)

1 x Harmony Cards for Kids ($28.00)

1 x The Little Book of Harmony ($20.00)

1 x Harmony Bliss Positive Songs and Breathing Exercises and Visualizations ($15.00). Favourite songs like Every Little Cell, Happiness Runs, Riding on a Pony, Togetherness Song, Ocean breath and much more.

Postage Flat Rate $13.50

SAVE $25.00.

The ultimate gift to send to friends and family.

Much love. Kerry x

Creating a KINDER WORLD one family at time.

Much love


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