Harmony Book - The Little Book of Harmony

Created from the Harmony Cards for Kids this beautifully illustrated book is a connecting way to power up your child's self-awareness and self-esteem. It's simple VALUES AND MINDSET language that everyone can understand and grow from.

Most importantly it gently reminds children of their choices. How do you choose Confidence? Every page has a choice prompt and ignites meaningful conversations.

The Little Book of Harmony is a wonderful way to introduce children to the joy and importance of values as early as possible.

Just the simple act of reading this book can have a positive effect on your mood, emotions and relationships. It nurtures and empowers the awareness and practice of 30 virtues/inner qualities for your child to learn, grow and practice.

If Harmony in the home and classroom is something that you want to provide and make happen, this is the book for you and the children in your life.

A message from Kerry

Research now shows what the heart has always known: kindness and other acts of love not only feel good but also foster the deep and loving connections we all crave.

By practicing and talking about virtues with our children we can contribute to their personal happiness and their ability to have positive relationships and a meaningful, whole-hearted life. My intention for this book is for families and classrooms to spend precious time together, sharing values and creating a culture of care and connection within hearts, homes and communities.

Have fun!

Yours in Harmony



Kerry Spina is an author, cofounder and wellbeing educator at Kids In Harmony www.kidsinharmony.com.au, which provides a wellbeing program to nurture resilient, kind and connected kids. For her online programs visit - Kids in Harmony Collective; Growth Mindset in the Classroom, Choice Guidance Behaviour Approach.

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